Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voices Anthology

Yup, we launched the Voices Anthology at the last Seksan Readings... very encouraged by the response, it was an excellent day.

The Underground will be planning a poetry performance / open mic session titled Underground: Aboveground! -- probably in Jan, as we'll be participating in a poetry session organised by Sheena, in conjunction with the international conference on language and literature; that's happening November 25th.

More updates to come.. I know we've been promising to update and housekeep the blog, but we've all been tied up and down and trussed everywhich way... Reza with Instant Cafe's Kurang Manis (it was excellent, I laughed so much!), Hazlan with the web news/current affairs portal, me with the book; Cat, Sheena & Evanna with study, and George & Mooza with Fallen Leaves community theatre.

Hm. :)

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